Social media posting seems to be one of the most important thing nowadays. Everyone around us seems to be very illiterate with social media. Name it – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – what more that they don’t know? If you ask the people who is sitting beside you right now, they must’ve at least one of the social medias that are mentioned above. That is because social media represents our identity in the digital world that you can access almost anytime and anywhere.

Social Media Posting in Indonesia


In Indonesia, it seems that the usage of social media depends on the age of the user itself. Even though it is still relative, those with the age of 30 and above are most likely to use Facebook. Meanwhile, teenagers and those under 30 are most likely to open Instagram and Twitter.


However, do you know that there are unspoken time etiquettes about when to post something on each platform, no matter how old you are?  As cited from Lounge Lizard, these are, generally, the prime time for you to do the social media posting:

  1. Facebook

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Founded nearly 13 years ago, Facebook has been everyone’s favorite platform to connect with long-lost friends, family, or colleagues. According to Lounge Lizard, “people spend the most time active on Thursday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.” Especially on Friday, the last weekday of the week, people usually want to be informed about the latest hip place and event to spend weekends on. So, it is best to do Facebook social media posting on those days and hours. Also, don’t forget to post on weekends, because people are tend to be curious about what their friends do on weekend.


  1. Twitter

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Mentioned as the “short” version of Facebook (as it only allows you to write below 140 characters – even 280 now, for some users), Twitter still have its own fans up until now. It is because it contails a lot of useful informations that we can read in a jiffy. Throughout the week, people tend to use Twitter every weekdays (from Monday until Friday) as their quick source of information, with the maximum peak which is in Wednesday noon and from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. That is why, if you want to spread something on Twitter, do schedule your tweets at that times.

  1. Instagram

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Everyone’s guilty pleasure. Just founded in 2010, it quickly evolves from becoming people’s digital album to one of the tools in digital marketing. The research stated that the prime time for Instagram is on Monday and Tuesday afternoon (around 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) because people are still caught up with their weekend vibes. That is why they often open Instagram just to see how many likes they got on their last post or where their neighbor is spending holidays at. With Instagram’s very own Stories feature, it even makes more sense for people to spend more time on Instagram. Any day goes, but make sure that it doesn’t overlap with another people’s post (which is most likely to happen around 7 p.m. – 8 p. m.)


By knowing those prime time rules, hopefully, a lot of people will engage more with your account and your post because it is posted in the right place and at the right time. Make sure not to post at midnight or when the dawn comes because nobody will ever see the post or even comment in it. If you still have questions regarding the digital marketing and social media, kindly contact LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA to arrange a consultation regarding that matter. Our team will gladly help you with their exquisite social media skills.


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