For those of you who love to write, blogging might be one of your favorite thing to do. It’s true that not all writers love to write in an online blog, but nowadays it seems like an interesting thing to do. Why only keep your interesting opinion in a personal journal? Why don’t you share it so you can gain feedbacks from people?


Some blog providers such as Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress of course have their own drawbacks. So far, as for me, WordPress has been my favorite choice of blog because it provides user-friendly editing tools, so for those of you who is not familiar with HTML editing can absolutely consider this. The theme they provide is also many and has a simple look. Although for Indonesians, paying for its annual fee (for the custom domain) might be a little complicated because we need to pay it through credit card.


What Actually Happens with Slow WordPress


Have you ever experienced that time when your WordPress goes slow all of a sudden? Your internet connection is stable and you’re not opening any internet-consuming sites. What is happening here?


These three reasons below might just be the answer to your question, thank God for Kimi Kinsey from Hello You Designs for kindly share the root for the problem!


  1. Maybe it’s the web hosting.

    slow wordpress

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Before you want to start blogging, of course you need to pick a trusted web hosting company. You need to be very careful in picking this, though, because no matter how big of an effort that you put when working on your blog, if the web hosting company is incompetent, it will all go to waste.


According to Kimi, “most bloggers choose to utilize a shared server because it’s a more affordable option.” She also stated that it involves several hosting accounts and websites with available resources, but the bad thing is it might be impacted to the neighbors that use too many resources. She recommends Siteground to manage the shared server and cause the website to loads faster, therefore, preventing slow WordPress to happen.


  1. Or bad plugins in your page.

 slow wordpress

Source: Pexels


How many people use plugins now? Apparently, there are still many. As interesting as they are, if we don’t need it that much, I would generally advise to use less plugins. Just let the site speaks for itself. However, if you still decided to use plugins, outdated and not so well-coded one might result in slow WordPress loading page.


Do a lot of research about what plugins will fit your site best. Try to find only the plugins that you need, not the ones you don’t need. Be aware of the functions and pay attention to the ratings — it can help you in determining the best plugins for your WordPress site.


  1. Or simply just because of oversized images.

slow wordpress 

Source: Pexels


Sometimes we forgot to look at the mirror and reflect at ourselves just because we’re too busy looking for another people’s fault. But don’t blame yourself just yet. What I’m talking about is when you purposedly or accidentally upload high-quality images in your WordPress site. Of course, it will result in slow WordPress loading page, what do you expect? Those images will take longer time to load when you open your page.


Kimi suggests that you need to make sure and ask ourselves, “is this the size that my site needs?” If not, use the help from plugins such as WP Smush to get images to load faster. Another thing she said is that we should “Never upload images directly from your phone. Those files are huge.”


Those things above might be the three possible reasons why you have a slow WordPress page. Regarding the matter, you should only use a trusted web development company to maintain your site. That’s why LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA is here for. Visit our page to ask questions about this or share your experience when you encounter a slow WordPress.


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