Have you ever heard of Raditya Dika, Evita Nuh, or Diana Rikasari? If you haven’t, they’re some of Indonesian’s famous bloggers. Diana and Evita blog in the fashion field while Dika first shared his everyday funny stories through his blog. Evita even started her blog since she was 9 years old.


If you like to write, there might be a time in your life when you consider to have a job as a professional blogger. You must be familiar with many blog providers such as Tumblr, Blogspot and WordPress, and even create accounts for all three. Starting from writing about daily life stories while in school to reviewing a box-office movie, you finally think: How do I make this serious?


Professional Blogger as a Serious Career Choice


For some people, being a blogger might not mean that you can get a steady income, even some people write without being paid at all. It’s because they are doing a job that they love. However, don’t give up your hopes just yet because everything needs process. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to establish yourself as a professional blogger, inspired by Louise from Solopreneur Sidekick:


  1. Get yourself a custom domain and e-mail

    professional blogger


Source: Pexels


If you have more budget, you can consider buying a custom domain of your choice. It could be anything – your name, alias, or any internet persona that represents you. GoDaddy lets you do this easily, because they have an indonesian page for this.


Here’s the example for a site that mainly explores fine luxury things in Jakarta through the eyes from one socialite: (vs)

Which one do you prefer? Of course the first one. It shows that you are really into blogging that you are willing to buy a custom domain.


Custom domain can also bring you custom e-mail. So instead contacting you to, your client can contact you to an email of your choice in It can be arranged by purchasing an add-on from the web hosting site that you use or through G-Suite by Google.


  1. Do not use a blurry photo!

    professional blogger


Source: Unsplash


Imagine the visitors of your blog as a guest to your house. You must want the first impression to be sleek and as good as possible, right? This goes for your blog as well. A photo of you in the “About Me” section should be the best photo you have. Still from the above case, if you are a socialite looking for more exposure in Jakarta’s fine living life, you wouldn’t want your photo to be a picture of you in your t-shirt and messy appearance.


If you don’t have any good cameras or tripod to take your photo, you can always ask for help from your friends. It’s even better if you have a photographer friend which you can use the service for free. The photo does not need to be all formal, but you need to keep it professional – like the professional blogger that you are.


  1. Make sure it works on every platform.

professional blogger


Source: Pexels


The domain is set, the photo is extraordinary, the content is excellent, but what about the user interface? This is the simple thing that people often forgot. It is okay to upload a high definition picture to let people see the quality of your photo. Seeing it from mobile devices is what’s not okay. It will make people have a hard time loading the site. Not to mention the long font that you often get when opening a website from phone. For me, it is one of the most annoying thing to encounter. It will make the visitor think that you don’t take your blog seriously.


Even if reading the above suggestions makes you dizzy, don’t you give up the dream of being a professional blogger. LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA has a range of qualified graphic designer that can make your email campaign design template looks simple, functional for any platforms, yet alluring for those who open it. Contact us for more details and discussions regarding the matter.

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