SEO website can be frustrating, but it is also challenging.


Nowadays, everything is digitalized. In the digital media world, one business seems to have a never-ending competition with another business. It’s all to determine who’s the winner who gets the most pageviews and the extraordinary traffic coming to their website. However, we need to note down that the trick is different for every people. What works for one people might not work well for another.


Thank God we have the SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization. With this technology, we can actually arrange countless strategies to ‘invite’ people to read our content. And what do the winner gets? Of course publicity, popularity, and extraordinary traffic from the pageviews. The question is, how to be the winner of them all?


How to Optimize Your SEO Website?

Here are some of the things that you need to pay attention to – in order to optimize your SEO website to the fullest, inspired from the infographic provided by the GrowthHackers Slack:


1. Headings and Content

Source: Treehouse Blog


Headings might be the first thing people notice when they open a website. In the SEO world, it is obligated to put the keyword at least in the heading. However, do not make it as something you need to repeat it over and over.

If your headings are attractive and short enough for people to read, the next thing you need to do is to work on your content. Same as the headings, the content needs to contain sufficient related keywords, but not too much.

Good SEO website needs to only contain the total amount of 1% – 2% of the main keyword. Use free tools to calculate the percentage of your website keyword. One of the website you can use is the Keyword Density Calculator.


2. Image File Names



Source: Musings of a Muse


One simple tip (that not everyone knows) but it was worth a try to optimize your SEO website is by putting your keywords in the alt image text (the image names). The images that you use for a specific product – chances are, people are looking for it too. When people search for a specific keyword, they might end up at the image in your blog just because you put the keyword as your image names.

For example, in the above Sephora website picture, they feature an image of the “Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette”. When people search the “Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette” on the search engine, your website has a chance to be visited by those people. Just make sure to put the potential keywords you have in the image names.


3. Website Snippet

Source: Pixus.uk


What is a snippet? Of course it’s not one kind of a puppet. It will display your website title and descriptions when you search it in search engine websites like Google. Most CMS (Content Management System) have it, for example, WordPress. How to optimize the SEO website by using the snippet then?

Take a look at the above example. When you search for the keyword “organic bakery”, the result will be thousands, even millions. Look at the red circled site. They do not use “bakery” but they put “bread” which is related to bakery. The title for the website should be clear – they put their brand name in the beginning and then followed by the kind of product they sell.

The meta-description part is also important, because you need to make sure that the visitor will feel that they come to the right place. Summarize the whole business into 1-2 short phrases that will attract people to come to your website and not the other website. Sell your website by making the most attractive summary. This will help to develop your SEO website.


Another thing you can also do is to contact a company that specializes in handling SEO website. LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA is always ready to collaborate with you on a business level to discuss how SEO website could be an important thing to elevate your business.

Those are only the three essential things you can do to optimize your SEO website. What are the other things you can do? Share your ideas below.

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