Have you ever feel annoyed because when you open your inbox, there are a series of e-mails that came from one company? You assume that they are important, but when you open them – they’re no more than just promotional e-mails. Then you remembered accidentally clicking on a “SUBSCRIBE” tab that pops up after you paid for the online lipstick transaction. “What are those e-mails and why am I getting those?”, you might wonder.


Those are called the email campaign. It is one of the strategy in digital marketing that allows the company to send an e-mail regarding what they do or what they offer. However, not all companies will voluntarily send their e-mails to your inbox – you need to agree that they will, though, by clicking on the “SUBSCRIBE” button.


How e-mail campaign is (potentially) risky

When your company finally decides to send out email campaign to the customers, it could be a potential for your marketing strategy – meaning that it will help to raise brand awareness for the customers (because who wouldn’t know your product if it is broadcasted to the customers daily?) but at the same time, it could also be risky. People will think that you are sending spam messages and even in most e-mail provider, that e-mail will automatically be grouped into “PROMOTIONS” tab.


The thing is, how do you make customer open your email campaign even if it is placed in Spam/Promotions already? Inspired from 4Imprint, here’s how:


1. First impression is always important.


email campaign

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At first, people will open your email campaign because they need to activate their account so they can continue their activity in your website. This is where you need to grab their attention. Use simple but consistent e-mail template that you will continously use in the future. Greet them welcome and give a brief summary of your company, what you can do, and what you offer. And of course, give them the link to activate their account.


2. Classify for the better.

email campaign

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Pay attention to the age range of your customers. Make sure to greet and classify them by the basic demographic informations that they gave you. You can also gain database from the previous items they have bought. You don’t want to call a 40-years-old father a “Miss” and offer them skincare product, right? Also, here’s one little nice touch: Instead of saying “Dearest customer” you can call them by the name instead, like “Dear Ms. Holly Golightly”. It will make them feel more appreciated.


3. Care to share.

email campaign

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If you are aiming to send out promotional e-mails that contain interesting discounts, make sure to include a share buttons to social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Whatsapp, or Instagram. Interested and enthusiastic buyers who get these kinds of e-mail will think no more to share the informations to their fellow friends, thus, gaining more exposure for your website.

Do not do this in your email campaign

Despite those three things, here’s the one thing you need to avoid:

Send them wisely.


Do not send the email every single day, especially if you’re giving out the same information. Do send email every 2 weeks so people can still get engaged with your site. Also, create fresh content for every email campaign you created such as fashion tips for work, and then put a link to buy skirts and peep-toes from your company that might be suitable for the tips. People will feel that they’re reading something useful, not just plain advertising.


Besides those things, an email campaign also needs to have good design template. LOGIQUE DIGITAL INDONESIA has a range of qualified graphic designer that can make your email design template looks simple, functional for any platforms, yet alluring for those who open it. Contact us for more details and discussions regarding the matter.

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