Company Brochure: Please Be Careful in Creating It!

Company brochure? What’s the use of it in today – where we can just visit a website to know about a company?


Wrong mindset.


The easy access for any news seems a lot easier nowadays, thanks to today’s advanced technology. Especially when you are just graduated and want to look for a job in a company. The first thing you do would be to open the company’s website and look for the career opportunities. But does the company website is the only important thing you need to elevate in promoting your business for any potential jobseekers out there? The answer is no.


Jobseekers go to job fair, that is the first thing for sure. But do you hand smartphones to each one of them so they can see what your company website looked like? No. So let’s go conventional here and turn to one of the effective way for them to know your company: Your company brochure.

Let’s go conventional by creating a company brochure

Please bear in mind when people say “pay attention to the little things”. This saying also applies when you want to make a company brochure. Pay attention to small details as it could make a big difference in your company’s profile. A brochure is the easiest thing for people to know what business you’re running and what you offer, so you cannot just make it as you like. The following are just few simple tricks that makes any company brochure is worth to read, as cited from Creative Bloq:


  1. Use simple (and few) fonts

This is one of the little thing that many people often forgot. There’s no need to put fancy fonts in your company brochure, only the simple ones just to make sure people can read what’s in the brochure clearly. Leave cursive fonts and just use the simple ones. What you think as interesting might only look as annoying and disturbing for other people. Also, make sure that you need to only use 1-2 fonts for the heading, subheading, and the body of the brochure so it doesn’t get confusing to read and has the overall same style.


company brochure

Source: We Love Solo

  1. Never be blurry!

Another thing that might make your company brochure stands out is the picture. Be it your company’s logo or the picture of the building – just make sure that it is not blurry and in its highest resolution possible. Do you want other people to get a blurry vision of your company? No? Then it’s settled. You also need to make sure that the general images and illustrations are not watermarked. Find the most professional photo and feature it in your brochure.


  1. Be simple and direct.

Another last important thing is that it needs to be simple and direct. Do not use difficult words because not any readers have the same comprehency in vocabulary. Use informative, simple, understandable but still attractive vocabulary so they will understand what kind of business that you are running. Also, try to avoid putting too much words in one page or one paragraph – it will make people got tired reading it. Even if you have to, separate it with one line or put bullet points to emphasize it.


Creating a company brochure might or might not be a piece of cake but it sure is a challenge indeed. Logique Digital Indonesia is ready to elevare your company profile through company merchandise and brochure (t-shirt, mug, notebook). Our service includes the design, the shipment, until the printing matter with reasonable price. Contact us in for more business inquiries.

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