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For a second, take a look around your surroundings.

There are people with their smartphones, laptops, and PCs – always connected, always online. The quick flow of news becomes even more easier by the massive use of Internet in our lives. Nowadays, it becomes very clear that people don’t do marketing by knocking from one door to another, but instead they let digital marketing do all the work. When everything we do becomes digital, we only need to sit back, relax, and think about the best strategies and tools to make our product becomes everyone’s favorite.

One of the powerful tools in digital marketing is website. In this case, people are trying to promote their business by making their website as the first “digital face” of their company. They try to leave the best impression on those who click it. This makes the company’s website design being one of the most important thing to make that impression. In order to make your website searchable and easy to read, there are few things you need to note down:

  1. Do not put EVERYTHING about your company in your website.

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    It is normal that you want other people to know what your company is selling and how you do it in your business. But in the digital world, we need to make it short, precise, yet still informative. Your website design should be simple and has all of the essential informations people need to know, such as where your company is located, how to contact your company, and a short summary on what business you are doing

  2. Always choose neutral colors as the background.

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    You absolutely do not want people to get tired looking at your website, right? Here is a little tip: Choose neutral colors as the background of your website, such as white, warm chocolate, and creme. The color black is highly avoided except the website design has other elements that can take people’s attention right away. Also, pay attention to the choice of font color – you do not want something that is not contrasting with your background. The key is to balance them both.

  3. The link that leads to… Where?

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    Many people often got confused as to why they scroll down a company’s website: “What am I searching for here?”. This happens to a website that lacks design, or in other words, not-so-arranged website. For example, a user is trying to find the contact information section in your website, but he cannot find it because the “Contact” link is mistakenly linked to the “About Us” page. To avoid this to happen, make sure that the website design you own is solid and every hyperlinks are pasted and double-checked correctly.

    Looking at those steps might be a piece of work if you do it alone. But do not worry, because Logique Digital Indonesia is ready to provide you with our best service related to website design that your company needs with the right price. With more than 5 years of experience, Logique Digital Indonesia will make an unforgettable website that makes people coming back for more. Are you ready to make an impressive website that nobody ever made before?

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