Behind the Screen: What Web Developer Really Do

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Do you think you can create the perfect website by just buying the domain and leave it up to dry without any contents? The answer is no. There are people who build the website from scratch and maintain the content in it. Introducing, the web developer.

Being a web developer might sound too nerdy or too complicated for some people, but there is so much more than that. Not all people have the ability to become one – truth is, not everyone can be. That is why they often being paid really high due to their work load and responsibilities. The future of a successful website lands in their hand, so let’s raise a glass for those who dedicate their times behind the success of a website. For those of you who got curious on what they really do – here are the general job description:

  1. They develop, create, and maintain the website.

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True to their name, a web developer build the website so it would fit to the user’s needs. Other than that, they are also able to develop a functional website that attracts the reader when they visit the website. Because of these skills, they are free to work on their own, not work for other people. Making their own websites and applications also sounds like something that they can do anytime and anywhere, even on a daily basis.

  1. They are really fluent with many kinds of development.

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In order to keep the website alive and working, there are three ‘development’ that they need to understand. The first one is the Frontend Development – it relates to any interface that the reader see in a website, such as the drop down menu. The next one, Backend Development. It allows the website to function perfectly because it relates to the server and database. The last one, Full-stack Development – the ability to combine those two development above (frontend and backend). These three developments should be understood to make every features on the website works well.

  1. They like to work with numbers.

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Admit it, who can stand numbers? Nevertheless, web developer is the answer. To choose a career path as one means that whoever it is should be familiar and could never be bored with numbers as well as codes. HTML codes are what they see, type, and learn everyday — in short, it is what they do. There could also be some problem in the coding website which leads to a solution that can only be solved by nobody but them.

Choosing a good developer might be really tricky. As said above, the future of the development of website lands in their hands. In Logique Digital Indonesia, we provide you with the best solution in web development. We choose only the best web developer to make sure the website they are working on is in good hands. That way, you will never have to worry about the interface of your website.

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