Signs Your Website Needs a Website Redesign

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Ever experience visiting a website that seems weird – like the words are placed in a strange position on your smartphone screen and they seem incoherent with one another? The color theme of the background and font does not seem to complement each other? Congratulations, you are seeing a website that needs redesign!

Every once in a while, the number of growing website in the Internet is going strong. Don’t be proud right away when you finally succeeded in making a website about little bonsais – other poeple out there might have create it better and earlier than you do. So what does it take to make your website stands out amongst the others? Check these signs just to be sure that you need a website redesign!

  1. Too Old to Realize.

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Amazon, one of the world’s most biggest online bookstore that we all know, of course has its glory time back in the days. The above picture is their original website back in the 1990s. No nothing – only the words, company logo, and main header. Very simple, but a little bit out of time. It was cool having it back then in the 1990s, but this is 2017 now. Did your website still looked like this? Time for a website redesign then!

  1. Outdated Plugins.

website redesign
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It is always nice to see a website with extra features. You can see a clock with weather information hanging on the corner of your screen, or even a buildable FAQ that is different from any other site. After all, isn’t that what plug-in/add-in/add-ons are about? However, many of us don’t realize the kind of plugin that we put on the website, which makes the website loads slowly when we open it. Also, not all plugins are supposed to be put altogether. Only choose the most important one so the website will running smoothly. You can give satisfaction to the visitor of your website by doing a website redesign.

  1. Is your content worthy?

website redesign
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What do people search when they look up your website? That’s right, your content. Your well-arranged website will do no good when the content inside has no relevancy to what’s happening in our world now. Read few articles in your website and think them over. Are they relevant? If the answer is no, then you should be considering to do a website redesign. Looking at the content in your competitor’s website is not a sin, too. You can find holes in it and apply them to your own website.

  1.  It is not optimalized.

website redesign
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After working on the theme color and adding the right plugin to your website, there seems to be something that is still missing. You think you have applied the four steps above but your website traffic is static. Where did you go wrong? Turns out that your website interface in the computer screen versus the interface in iPhone is different. One seems to overlap another. To avoid this to happen, you need to make sure that your website is having the ‘user-friendly’ criteria on any platform, not only on computers but also on any kind of smartphone as well. When you do a website redesign for this one, just make sure that there is a button that allows you to choose which platform you are in – either it is in smartphone, computer, or tablet. Choose what is best for you.

If you feel the same about two until three signs above, then it’s decided: Time to have a website redesign. Like human, website needs upgrading and makeover, too. Logique Digital Indonesia has various experiences in making your website flows as smoothly as possible.

Your website only has one chance to impress the right people.

Make it count.

Redesign your website now in

written by: Fauziah Rizka Amalia

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