Make Your Website Right On Target by These Simple Steps

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We have to accept the fact that digital marketing has taken over most of the marketing strategies. That is why many companies are trying to digitalize their business in the best way possible. One of the ways to make your business easily discoverable through the world is by creating a website.

Companies make website for many reasons. Either it is to establish the professionality of the company, raising brand awareness for their product, or to raise the company’s profit by publishing what they do. However, making it is not as easy as it sounds – for a website needs a lot of calculation and strategies, even in the smallest details as the choice of words. One false move could put your business in danger. These are three things to make sure that it is targeted at the right ones:

  1. Know Your Purpose.

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Ask yourself and your team: “What do we want?”. Is it to make a web-based service like an online sport news portal, a multilingual one that automatically translates the content as we click the language button, or even both? After deciding on the purpose together, you can jot down the ideas. Know your purpose first and make choices for it later.

  1. Know Your Audience.

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Knowing the target audience might sound a little blurry, but turns out it could be one of the ways to elevate our site, so people who READ it will be those who really NEED it. Do a little survey to the people who would most likely be your target audience. What do they want and they do not want from a website? Also, what can be improved from an established website from the similar area? For example, a group of ladies can be the perfect target audience for online shopping website. Know your audience will make it easier for you to build the content.

  1. Know Your Needs.


After establishing your purpose and conducting a little survey, up to the last step: Finding out what your company really needs. To be able to execute those ideas into a website that suits your needs can be a little tricky, but you can use the service that specializes in making website and tell them what you need. Should it be filled of High-Definition pictures for online shopping? Or maybe allows the audience to check on the weather? Or even one with many features to gain profit for your company? It could be anything.

A website is like a little child. We need to nurture them so they will grow, in this case, to our needs and our customers’ needs. Logique Digital Indonesia, who have specialized in establishing many kinds of websites – such as jobseeking, multi-language, and company — will be the right choice for you to start your digital marketing journey. After listing down the three “know-your” above, have you decided on what you and your business are going to do with your website?

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