Website SEO: Beginner’s What to Do and How to Optimalize

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After owning the domain of your choice for your website, what to do next? One answer: Create the content for your website. A good website should have engaging and interesting content so your website will have consistency. This leads us to the Website SEO, one small aspect that can change your whole website game. Let’s begin.

As cited from, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is “the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results”. In short, SEO is the ways people do to get their website being on the first page (therefore, being the first source) when people type the keywords in the search engine machines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. People are most likely to click the first site they see in the search engine machines, so if your website has succeeded in landing on the first page, then you are good to go.

Based on the above description about SEO, we can now understand the importance of website SEO. It’s not over yet, let’s take example for when someone clicked on your website. This is the part where we can decide the SEO is successful or not. First, is he the right visitor that you want to attract? Second, will he coming back to your website? When someone visit a website more than once and decide to engage with the site, that is when the SEO works best, because it means more traffic coming your way – but in a good way!

The problem is, in this world, you are not alone. It is not only you who want to broadcast your website worldwide. There are competitors all over the world offering the same service or the same product, even better. They will want to pay a huge amount of money just so their website SEO is optimized. If their website is highly optimized, you can make sure that they will reserve the first page in most search engine machines. Question: Who will win?

Make yourself a winner by having the right visitor coming to your website. One of the ways is by self-optimizing your website SEO. These are the free SEO checker and analyzer that you can use:

However, keeping up with the traffic of your website can be a piece of work, especially if you have no experience in the field and have a website to take care of. But if you want to develop and step up your digital marketing strategy through a better optimization for your website, Logique Digital Indonesia is ready to provide you only the best solutions for your website SEO. We work hard in implementing the SEO method as well as improving and upgrading the website, just so it will stay on Page One for a long time thus attract the right visitor to come pay a visit.

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written by: Fauziah Rizka Amalia

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